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The new Adestor Collect & Recycle service, a simple gesture with a great purpose



​​​​​​Providing a practical, effective solution for the management of siliconized glassine waste.

Adestor by Lecta​​ presents the new Adestor Collect & Recycle service that provides our customers with a seamless solution for the collection and recycling of siliconized glassine, empowering them to actively participate in the circular economy.

With this new service, our customers can effortlessly benefit from a streamlined process and extend this service to brand owners and their own final customers.

Key features Adestor Collect & recycle (PDF) include:

1. A separate storage of silicone glassine paper

2. A periodic withdrawal service

3. A specialized recycling process

4. The availability of new material to follow the process

By giving paper a second life through the Adestor Collect & Recycle service, customers unlock multiple benefits, from cost savings by diverting waste from landfill, to contributing to the circular economy by reintroducing recycled materials into production, and minimizing paper waste.

"The new Adestor Collect & Recycle service is a simple gesture with a great purpose." said Roger Puente, Adestor Product Management and Business Development Director. "We are proud to offer our customers an effective solution that not only benefits their bottom line but also supports our shared commitment to sustainability."

Adestor by Lecta is dedicated to driving positive change in the industry and empowering customers to make environmentally responsible choices. Our new Collect & Recycle service is a testament to this commitment, providing a practical, effective solution for the management of siliconized glassine waste.

For more information about the Adestor Collect & Recycle​ service (video) and how it can benefit your business, please visit or contact your Adestor sales representative.

Why choose us?

  • Paper expertiseWith a tradition of self-adhesive products
  • Integrated manufacturingSpecialization, quality, consistency and rigorous control of the entire manufacturing process
  • A global outlook The portfolio of a market leader
  • Sales and technical serviceSpecialized sales and technical support teams at your service
  • Social and environmental commitmentTop environmental credentials for all our products

About Adestor

Adestor is the self-adhesive paper and film division of Lecta. With a substantial production capacity and a converting hub in Northern Italy, Adestor is one of the leading self-adhesive material suppliers in Europe.