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Products and components

Wide range of facestocks, adhesives and liners, available in sheets and rolls, for multiple solutions for all kinds of self-adhesive applications.


Products in rolls

Self-adhesive film and paper rolls for labelling a wide spectrum of products and surfaces. Excellent printing results ensure optimal application, and ensure the durability of the label once applied.


Products in sheets

Self-adhesive sheets in paper and films suitable for numerous labelling applications requiring different sorts of adhesives. Excellent printing results for standard and eye-catching labels.

Printing methods

Check which conventional and digital printing methods are compatible with our Adestor facestock.


Download product certificates and usage approvals for our facestocks, adhesives and liners, as well as our quality, environmental management and Chain of Custody certificates.



Frontal Facestock

Coated papers, textures, thermal, metallized, PVC...An entire range of facestock waiting to be discovered.

adhesivo Adhesives

Permanents, repositionables or removables suitable for labelling any type of surface.

Soporte Liners

Glassine or kraft? Choose from amongst our glassine, kraft or laser release liners in different substances and colors.

Why choose us?

  • Paper expertiseWith a tradition of self-adhesive products
  • Integrated manufacturingSpecialization, quality, consistency and rigorous control of the entire manufacturing process
  • A global outlook The portfolio of a market leader
  • Sales and technical serviceSpecialized sales and technical support teams at your service
  • Social and environmental commitmentTop environmental credentials for all our products

About Adestor

Adestor is the self-adhesive paper and film division of Lecta. With a substantial production capacity and a converting hub in Northern Italy, Adestor is one of the leading self-adhesive material suppliers in Europe.