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Gloss 80 / SA234 / YG62

Gloss coated paper 80gsm on SA234 water soluble acrylic adhesive and yellow glassine liner 62gsm..
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Facestock Facestock
Gloss 80

Gloss coated woodfree paper.

Adhesive Adhesive

Water removable adhesive with high cohesion and medium adhesion and tack. Ideal for labelling different types of reusable transport boxes and trays in logistics and other surfaces (*) used in retail such as glass, ceramic, plastic. (*) Face stock material, substrate surface tension or end use conditions are factors that influence on the washing results.

Liner Liner
Glassine Ambar 62

Super-calendered translucent glassine paper especially designed for automatic labelling applications and photocell dispensing systems. This liner provides good tear resistance and smooth and regular thickness.

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  • Paper expertiseWith a tradition of self-adhesive products
  • Integrated manufacturingSpecialization, quality, consistency and rigorous control of the entire manufacturing process
  • A global outlook The portfolio of a market leader
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About Adestor

Adestor is the self-adhesive paper and film division of Lecta. With a substantial production capacity and a converting hub in Northern Italy, Adestor is one of the leading self-adhesive material suppliers in Europe.